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Warhol Morrison

I do whatever I feel like doing. I say whatever I feel like saying. I'm probably fucking nuts. Welcome!
6-packs of beer, acting_like_a_strange_weirdo, all or nothing, anchovy grease, and then you die, art rules, being_a_cheesewhore, burning draft cards, calling_people_taco, chupacabras, conceptual art, cool_ranch_goodness, cult worship, dan_rather's_haircut, driving 105+mph, eat shit, eating jalapenos, edible underwear, electric kool-aid, fuck off dirtbag, getting_a_blowjob_while_driving, glow_in_the_dark_condoms, hugging trees, i_wrote_this_shit_when_i_was_intoxicated, kicking_the_keys_off_synthesizers, licking frogs, magick, massive_fornications_in_the_streets, milfs, never_leaving_the_chill_room, oh yeah nothing matters, panties, pomegranates, putting_paint_onto_pieces_of_stretched_canvas, radioactive poodles, random sex acts, revolution_and_revolt, seeing_things_in_the_dark, smoking_the_wacky_tobaccky, sushi, sweat_burning_my_eyes_during_hot_sex, taboos, talking_shit_to_cops, the dark side, throwing_televisions_out_windows, unusual_sexual_positions, virus indigo, what the fuck, whistling_dixie_while_pissing, yeee-fucking-haaawww, your momma